Our Services


 The appraisal process found in many insurance policies is most commonly used in property damage situations. This language  states that appraisal is mandatory when properly demanded by the insurer or insured. We serve as the appraiser in this process and can often quickly and equitably resolve disputes often negating costly litigation.

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are crucial to help judges and jurors understand complex and nuanced construction, mitigation, claim and valuation information. We provide  objectivity and  credibility as we integrate with your legal team to enhance the strength of your entire case. 

Litigation Consultant

 Litigation consultants are a valuable tool in assessing the merits of a property casualty insurance case early in the litigation process.  We provide a valuable independent look at the merits of a case before incurring the expenses of full blown litigation.

Risk Management

 Risk events such as fires, adverse weather conditions, and man made events threaten property.  In addition to damaging and destroying physical property, property risk events also have the potential to create stoppages in business operations and material financial losses. We assist with planning and mitigation of these risks which can substantially reduce potential losses.

Owners Representative

An Owner’s Representative who works for the insured and independently of either the Restoration Contractor or the Insurance Carrier lends special expertise and experience in both the proper repair of the property and adjusting the claim which results in faster restoration time,  prompt dispute resolution and lessens the probability of litigation.