We help create order from chaos!

Fire, flood, storms or other disasters happen fast. One minute your home is in order and the next it’s in chaos. Elliott Catastrophe has made a science of returning homes and lives to order. Elliott Catastrophe is led by individuals with backgrounds in emergency management from the public and private sector dealing with both natural and manmade disasters. Their tested experience allows Elliott Catastrophe to continue restoration activities when circumstances arise that would stop other contractors in their tracks. Catastrophes often create time sensitive or hazardous situations that less experienced contractors are unable to handle. Elliott Catastrophe has the mechanisms in place to respond quickly and professionally to get our customers back to their lives and back to their businesses as soon as possible. Contact us today or whenever needs arise. We are ready to help 24/7!

Our long experience positions our staff to work with adjusters and property owners to make sure that an accurate estimate is promptly prepared so that repairs can begin quickly. Elliott Catastrophe's success in this specialized business is based on our unwavering commitment to fairness, integrity, quality workmanship, and customer service. Adjusters need professional contractors that perform quality repairs in a timely manner. Owners depend on prompt response time and quality workmanship. Elliott Catastrophe’s estimators hold the highest (Level 3) Xactimate® Certification. This professional certification ensures intimate working knowledge of the most widely used adjusting software in the industry and results in accurate estimates, timely repairs, prompt claim settlement, and satisfied customers. Adjusters and Owners alike routinely comment on Elliott Catastrophe’s professionalism, knowledge, accuracy, documentation, and overall customer satisfaction turning what is all too often an adversarial process into a collaboration between adjuster, contactor, and property owner.